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Tuesday, 7 June 2016


First post for  while just been busy at work but have been out and about.These are images I took last month of some of a couple of  Rutland Ospreys. I went to a local trout farm called River Gwash Ospreys where they have installed a hide which they rent out to photographers to take pictures of these fantastic birds. They come very close to the hide a times to dive for trout so a long lense is not necessary but fast shutter speed and high ISO may be required at times. I had mixed results with my cropped sensor camera and I wish I had taken a shorter lense. I hope to go back with a my full frame camera and have another go.


  1. A super species to watch and despite your misgivings you managed some great shots.

  2. Wow,you've done yourself proud there Anthony,stunning results,would love to try this Hide out.