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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Peregrine Falcons on the Cornish coast

Recent computer problems have stopped me putting new posts on here but this seems resolved now. Here are some images of an adult Peregrine falcon and a young peregrine that I took in June on the Cornish coast. I saw and heard the adult Peregrine catch this bird and hen fed it to the Young Peregrine on the cliffs.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Cornish Choughs near St. Just

I spent a great week in Cornwall during the end of June and even managed a swim in the sea at Watergate bay. I spent some time with my camera and managed to catch up with two three families of Choughs who were about the cliffs with newly fledged young. This has been a fantastic year for the  Choughs who have produced about 23 fledged youngsters. I captured this family of Choughs near St. Just and more than happy with some of the images I took.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Duke of Burgundy Butterflys

First post for a while but I have been out and about when both weather and work permits. These are a few of my images of some Duke of Burgundy Butterflys I took last month at a site near Tring. There were a few flying and resting on leaves on what was quite a windy day.I was very luck to see a pair mating and and include a couple of shots in this post.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Green hairstreak Butterfly

For the past few weeks I have tried to see and then photograph a green hairstreak butterfly as I had never seen  one le alone photographed one. I didn't 't realise how small they are and how well well camouflaged they are against green hedgerows. They form small colonies and I managed two or three visits to well known sites but either the weather intervened or I didn't look at the correct place for them. Eventually I went to Ivinghoe beacon in Bedfordshire a couple of weeks ago on a nice sunny day and found a few perched on the hedgerow and was delighted to see them and photograph them.. These are a few of my images.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

More Ospreys

A few more from my recent trips to photograph these Rutland water Ospreys at a Trout farm. Early morning or late evening the hide is open and it would seem the worse the weather the better the chances of visiting Ospreys as during the more sunny days fishing opportunities may be  better at Rutland water. As with any nature photography a bit of luck is required and I hope to visit again next year.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016


First post for  while just been busy at work but have been out and about.These are images I took last month of some of a couple of  Rutland Ospreys. I went to a local trout farm called River Gwash Ospreys where they have installed a hide which they rent out to photographers to take pictures of these fantastic birds. They come very close to the hide a times to dive for trout so a long lense is not necessary but fast shutter speed and high ISO may be required at times. I had mixed results with my cropped sensor camera and I wish I had taken a shorter lense. I hope to go back with a my full frame camera and have another go.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Return to Blue House farm

These are a few more images I took on recent visits to this fine South Essex nature reserve. The Hares were quite a long way from me but it was nice to capture two together at about 7am on a sunny frosty morning. The little Grebes fighting had a long hard disagreement  but both swam of to fight another day.