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Monday, 1 October 2012

Red Deer Rut in Richmond Park

My second visit to Richmond Park ten days ago and a week after my first visit was a real contrast in terms of  better light and the behavior of the Red Deer Stags. It was a misty clear morning with lovely light but the park was alive to the roaring of the Stag Deer. I had never heard this before and can only describe it as a loud deep bellowing. Some of the Stags were protecting small groups of female Deer and change in behavior from the previous week was clear to see. I have to admit to being very cautious as on a couple of occasions i thought I may be charged but tried to keep behind the trees and at least 60 metres away. Anyway here are some of those images from that morning.


  1. Beautiful captures! They are very impressive animals.

  2. Long live this king!!...What a beauty!
    They shoot them here in the Pyrenees mountains...
    Magnificent photos!

  3. Good stuff Tony, like the third one where you appear to have the early morning mist and a bit of the enviroment in the shot