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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Butterflies are blue

I went for a walk at a relatively new park with my wife yesterday Gunpowder mills park in Waltham Abbey and noticed some small blue butterflies but typically did not have my camera. Anyway I went back this morning with my camera to try and get some images. As a novice butterfly photographer I am still unsure which species I am photographing. I am pretty sure however this is a Common Blue butterfly and will be happy to be corrected if anyone knows better. I must say I did enjoy my 2 hours trying to spot and then capture these little blue beauties with my camera.


  1. Not bad for a novice lol, looks like you needs to increase the depth of field to get the whole butter fly sharp. Also I have been told it is best to photograph them with the wings fully open or shut and try to get parallel to the butterfly this way you have more chance of getting the whole butterfly sharp especially when using a dedicated macro lens.

  2. Wonderful macro images Anthony,the colour combination works well,yellow and blue always work.