Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Muntjac Steals The Show

During my last visit to Rye Meads Nature Reserve I spent some considerable time in the Kingfisher Hide trying to take images of Kingfishers as my previous post showed. I have previously seen Kestrels, Blackcaps,Buzzards,Herons even a Grass Snake swimming across the lake from the Hide. As you can see from my post on this occasion I captured an image of a Common Tern which kept swooping down in front of the Hide.Common Terns breed on the reserve and are very often seen there. I had seen Muntjac previously as well on the Reserve and these small deer are becoming quite common around the rural areas of Hertfordshire and even Enfield. I have seen them before in Trent Park and Gordon Hill Railway Station in Enfield. What surprised me however with the Muntjac that I captured above was that it appeared on the roof of the man made Kingfisher bank. Whilst the photo doesn't show it the Kingfisher nest is just below where the Muntjac is standing. In fact I did manage a photo of both the Kingfisher and Muntjac but it was not good enough to be shown.


  1. Nice capture in the third image of the Muntjac my favourite.

  2. bellissimi scatti Anthony !!!
    very good shoot !!