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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Rye Meads

I went back to Rye Meads Nature Reserve ealier this month to catch up on the Kingfishers who had started to feed their second brood. As you can see from the photos the lake was full of green algae which I presumed had developed from the extremely hot weather we experienced then. On this partcular day both adults were extremely active collecting fish for their brood and eacxh other.


  1. well done on photographing the Kingfishers Anthony. Something I have yet to achieve - adequately!

  2. Ditto Warren's comments Anthony. I haven't been to Rye Meads for a few years...must try to get back there. FAB.

  3. Lovely shots Anthony and glad to see them doing so well.

  4. Great shots, congratulations!!!!

    Frank, Barcelona