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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Another Purple Day

Not the Purple Heron again, but my old favourites the Purple Sandpipers of Penzance. I spent the weekend in Cornwall again a mixture of watching local rugby and wildlife photography. Having tried to photograph Choughs at the Lizard, Cuckoos at Men An Tol my back up plan was to try and take some more images of these colourful little birds off Battery Rocks. As you can see the first 2 images show a Purple Sandpiper eating a Wasp or flying beetle and another devouring a snail, the light was good and as ever they were ready to pose.


  1. Hi Anthony
    Great set of images, looks like you had a good weekend. I was on the Lizard on Friday and Sat if I knew we could have hooked up for a spell. I have left you a comparision ID image of the Bony's on my blog for you, Had it from the bridge on the causeway.

  2. Gorgeous pictures, as always! Congratulations!

    Greetings from Romania!

  3. Wow,these are excellent,lovely sharp detail.
    Like your Avocets,the best i've seen.

  4. Nice photo's Anthony, you obviously have a lot of patience, well done mate :-)

  5. Very pretty bird! Nice shots.

  6. Very nice photos of the Purple Sandpiper.

  7. Nice series of a species I rarely get to see.

  8. Great shots and in their summer plumage.To think I live 8 miles away and I only go to see them when they first arrive in the autumn.

  9. Hi,

    These pictures on your blog are also beautiful, they include photos of a Sparrowhawk and buzzard from marazion marsh, water rail from stithians and redshank and rock pipit from marazion beach. Thanks a lot...

    Birth Of a Manta Ray