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Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Godwits of Marazion

I took these images of Black Tail Godwits and Bar Tail Godwits last weekend on Eastern Beach at Marazion. Both birds are common migrants to these beaches on the eastern side of Marazion. In the past I have to admit to having difficulty in identifying each bird and in a previous post I believe I may have identified the wrong bird. As far as I can tell the top 4 images are of a Black Tail Godwit and the bottom 3 Bar Tail Godwits in Summer plumage. If I am wrong please someone let me know and I will amend the post.


  1. Beautiful photos, but I'm not much help on the I.D. issue. We see the Marbled Godwits here some.

  2. A very good series Anthony BUT I believe these are all Bar-tailed.

    The first four are still in their streaked winter plumage (Black-T would be much plainer) and you can see the barring on the undertail plus the longer supercilium in adults is a real giveaway. Bill should be straighter and length of upper leg to the knee is much longer on the Black-T. All your shots clearly show all the distinctive ID's of Barwits.