Thursday, 11 November 2010

Something Slightly Different

I have never tried Macro photography before but having seen fantastic photos on other blogs I thought I would try and capture some images if I had the chance in Cyprus. I used my Nikon 55mm-200mm non macro lense to take the top images of what I would call a Dragonfly. As you may have guessed I know very little about these species so if anyone wiser than me is able to identify them please let me know. The Lizards are very common in Cyprus and can usually be photographed basking in the sunshine on top of large stones and rocks.


  1. Hi Anthony
    These are great first tries at Macro and are very encouraging. A good and inexspensive step towards getting closer is to add either an extension tube or close up lenses, I favour the extension tube as it does not add extra glass into the setup which can detract from image quality.I use a small tube of 12mm, this should work quite well at the shorter end of your lens. Also you could consider a Ring Flash unit ( I can hear you groan as the Nikon ones are really expensive)But take a look at a Chinese built Marumi flash which retails around £100, I have one and it does a great job. This then means you can set up in manual mode and set apeture and shutter speed to get the best results and still retain auto focus. Sorry to be so long winded with the comment but hope it helps.

  2. Hi Anthony. Nice shots! I am Gerhard.

  3. Excellent photography, Anthony! Well done.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. Hi Anthony, the dragonflies above look like Red-veined Darters. The waders above are juv Dunlin and the wheatear is a female Cyprus Wheatear. Nice shots and they bring back fond memories of Achna Dam and the area.