Sunday, 2 May 2010

Return of the Black and Golds

Well I suppose Black and Gold may be stretching it a bit but most Cornish people will know what I mean when I refer to this. The return of breeding Choughs to Cornwall must be seen as one of the best wildlife highlights to occur in my lifetime and something I am quite thrilled about. I remember being told about the Cornish Chough being the emblem bird of Cornwall whilst attending local Schools and how they disappeared from the Cornish cliffs in the 1960s or early 197os. Having read about their return to Cornwall it took me a few years to actually see any but during the last couple of years I have usually spotted the Choughs that inhabit the cliffs near to Sennen and last weekend I located two in their usual place. These birds looked quite young and had a glossy sheen to their feathers and allowed me to get within 20 metres of them. I have decided include my best six images of them as I am never tired of seeing them or looking for them in their natural habitat.


  1. Great Cornish Bird on the Cornish clifftops, Fab sots Anthony

  2. Smashing shots.
    Love these.