Saturday, 1 October 2011

Porthgwarra Northern Wheatear

I took these images of a Northern Wheatear on the cliff between Porthgwarra and Gwennap Head. I had gone there with the intention of trying to locate some Cornish Chough's but was out of luck at this location. I therefore turned my attention to these birds as there were many about and some willing to pose.


  1. very handsome little bird, Anthony.The lichen covered rock really set it off nicely.

  2. Beautiful Wheatear, well done.

  3. They look really good shots on the rocks and lichen

  4. Hello Dude,

    The choughs have black plumage and brightly coloured legs, feet and bills, and are resident in the mountains of southern Eurasia and North Africa. They have long broad wings and perform spectacular aerobatics. Both species pair for life and display fidelity to their breeding sites, which are usually caves or crevices in a cliff face. Thanks for sharing it.....

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