Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I have just come back home after spending eleven days at Marazion and for a change it was lovely sunshine everyday. I will put the images on the Blog over the forthcoming weeks. These images of Basking Sharks were taken from the cliffs of Pedn-Men-An-Mere.At one point two sharks were no more than ten metres from the beach and quite a crowd gathered on the rocks to watch and some ventured into the sea for a closer look. The seal swam amongst the sharks and was not too peturbed by their proximity,if you look closely you can see him chewing on a mullet he caught under the water. The seal below was captured from Eastern Beach Marazion and I have seen this same seal in the same place a few yards off shore for the past five or six years.


  1. Great images, look forward to the others.

  2. Hi Anthony great shots of the Baskers, quite an experience to get that close. Nice One

  3. I agree with Sam and Lisa.