Thursday, 1 July 2010

Prussia Cove

I went to Prussia Cove on 4 occasions during my stay in Cornwall as I was tipped off by my two Brothers who had previously gone fishing there and said they saw a very accomodating female Kestrel sitting on a post that allowed you to get within ten metres of it ideal for bird photography. Not being able to resist this information I went 4 times and only saw the Male Kestrel which flew off whilst I was over 100 metres away. However as you can see from the bottom two photos I was lucky enough to take some images of a Green Woodpecker which was a first for me and which posed just long enough on the same said post. I was also lucky enough to capture on two occasions early in the morning these images of a common Buzzard which sat on a gatepost of a field close to Prussia Cove.


  1. Congratulations on capturing the Green Woodie...certainly not an easy species to get close to and the Buzzard posed well for you.

  2. Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment. I've enjoyed looking through you site, the creatures are much more varied than on my blog, but then I only study a small area :-)

    Ive put your blog on my sidebar, and i'll visit you again to see what you get up too.

    Enjoy the wildlife!

  3. Nice underwing shot of the raptor.

  4. Hi Anthony -- came by your blog by way of Richard King's. Great photography. I'll be back to see more. :-)


  5. I've looked through your blog and all of your photographers are amazing! You are a true artist. You must love nature. Clearly the animals know you respect them. I'm sure it is partly patience that has afforded you such stunning photo ops. Those birds look so regal. How exciting that you caught one just about to fly away!

    By the way, your grey font on the black background is very difficult to read.

  6. nice blog, beautiful pictures, congratulations

  7. Thank you for your reaction on my blog. your photo's are really wonderful!!