Sunday, 17 April 2016

Avocets at Blue House Farm

Well no Snowy Owl in Essex but over the past couple of weekends I have visited Blue House farm a nature reserve  in Essex to photograph Avocets which breed there. I have not been for a couple of years so was pleased to see about 30 or 40 at the nature reserve. In the last three images the female was adopting a mating position but the male bird appeared more interested in preening and feeding than mating.


  1. Beautiful images of Avocets, she was good and add her feeling, but, he was not ready.

  2. Stunning images Anthony,must pay a visit,love your third shot,great setting.

  3. Such a very Beautiful images of Avocets. very nice felling and good looking.
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  4. Superb shots, one of my favourite birds