Thursday, 16 September 2010

Barn Owls

I recently travelled out to deepest Essex in search of a Barn Owl's nest box which I eventually identified. Unfortuately it was a bit late in the year in terms of the light and by the time both adult birds emerged from the box it was pretty much dark. Although I increased the ISO it was still difficult to get very sharp images of the birds. Having never encountered wild Barn Owls or photographed them previously I have decided to publish a few even though they are not great quality. I hope to go back next year in June or July when the days are longer and there is more light in the evenings.


  1. Nice find Anthony,theres a Barn Owl near us.
    One day and plenty of time

    Great find Anthony,love your Header,fab shot.

  2. How wonderful to see them at all.

  3. I look forard to seeing the results of next years visit Anthony. Great birds to see, unfortunatley only ever had one on my patch, it did stay for 7 months though :-)