Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Close Encounters At Nanquidno

During my return home to Cornwall in June I went down to Nanquidno to walk the cliffs towards Sennen to look for Choughs. I was rewarded with some close views of two Choughs for a brief time before they were disturbed by a dog which chased them away . I have enclosed the best few images here. Unfortunately one of the Choughs was limping quite badly on one leg. I hope that he was able to recover.


  1. Did you note the colour rings Anthony ? If so you could find out about the birds past history.

  2. A delight to see Anthony.

  3. These are great images,love the third shot.
    We've come across some at Nanquidno before,but not as good as these.
    they always appear to be shy.
    Well done Anthony.

  4. Great shots Anthony like John the third one is my favourite