Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spring time in Cornwall

Whilst the Easter weekend spent in Cornwall was bitterly cold there was some evidence that Spring was in the air as demonstrated by these Cormorants I captured images of at Hells Mouth near Hayle. I used a new  2x Nikon teleconverter that I recently purchased on my Nikon 300mm 2.8 lense to see how it performed. Whilst the weather was dull and windy I am quite pleased with the results. Almost as happy as the leaping Cormorant in the first image.


  1. Lovely set Anthony
    Looks as if the 2x extender will be a real asset.
    Great stuff.

  2. Beautiful photos, Anthony! Really like that leaping Cormorant. We have snow this morning. No spring in sight yet.

  3. Excellent images of the new lens converter, nice one Anthony.