Sunday, 14 July 2013

Small is Beautiful

I took these images in Cornwall with my Macro lense I recognise the Six- spot Burnet but not sure about the others. Macro photography is fairly new to me and I must admit at times I find it difficult to get good images especially when I see some of the fantastic images taken some Cornish based photographers that I know. Still I enjoy the challenge and enjoy seeing the wonders of these small creatures.


  1. Hi Anthony superb set mate , and welcome to the world of macro, Butterfly is a large white, and the moth is a Cream Coloured Tiger, don't worry we do not get all pin sharp images quite a few hit the trash can.
    I use a Canon 60 mm macro and to get in really tight when needed a 12 mm extension tube as well. If there is not enough light I use a Marumi Ring Flash, camera on manual and around f8 at 1/200 to 1/250 sec (The Canon flash is to expensive).
    Have fun

  2. Great macro images Anthony,i spent the Morning with Monty and it's not easy.
    His images were fantastic,but has he explained to me,not all make it on the big screen.
    Love your Cream Coloured Tiger,new one to me.

  3. A nice set of images there Tony. The tiger is great.

  4. Just amazingly beautiful photos!