Monday, 11 November 2013

Bee eaters

One of the advantages of going to Cyprus in late September is the chance to see and photograph Bee eaters which visit the island and breed in some places there. These images were taken at two sights Phassouri reed beds and Lipoetri village. Unfortunately when I was photographing the Bee eaters at Liopetri on one occasion a local man came with his two young children and started shooting them in front of me. On a happier note the flight shots were taken at Phassouri one evening when there were over a hundred birds swooping down in front of me and this was a fantastic sight to witness.


  1. These birds are so pretty! Very nice captures.

  2. Fantastic birds :-)

    What a shame a father has to indoctrinate his offspring into such hideous activities :-(

  3. Fantastic shots Anthony,why can't people leave Wildlife alone.