Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Griffon Vultures

I visited Kensington Cliffs again a couple of times in the hope of photographing the Griffon Vultures anmd have sort of worked out the time they usually comr back to roast on the cliffs so I domnt have to wait too long. I was rewarded by seeing a couple the first time I was there and up to four the second time. It was too early to see Elenora Falcons but I did see some Alpine swifts flying around. The access to these cliffs was like going through a building site and as its on a British base and they are obviously building there it may be more dsifficult to access these cliffs in the future.


  1. Excellent photos of the Griffon Vulture.

  2. Super shots of this Vulture!

  3. When i see shots like these,from Cyprus,i can see a return trip soon.
    Great captures Anthony.