Saturday, 17 April 2010

Kingfisher Blues

At the beginning of 2010 I set myself two target birds to photograph during the year.The first was a Sparrowhawk the second a Kingfisher.Last weekend I managed to achieve one of my objectives by photographing a pair of Kingfishers. I travelled to Rye Meads a RSPB nature reserve which is just up the A10 from Enfield. At the Kingfisher hide it is possible to photograph Kingfishers as it overlooks an artificial sand bank that was created to encourage Kingfishers to breed. A pair of Kingfishers have been observed breeding at the site and exploring the sandbank as a possible nest site. As you can see from my images which were taken on Sunday 11th April I managed to capture the male Kingfisher bringing a present in the form of a fish for his female mate. Whilst I am fairly pleases to have captured these images I had to put on my 2x teleconverter on my Sigma 300mm f2.8 lense to get close enough and this and poor light may account for a lack of sharpness on a couple of the images. Now does anyone know a camera friendly Sparrowhawk preferably in Cornwall.


  1. Hi Anthony Congratulations on getting one of your two wanted species Photographed with some great Kingfisher shots. I know how it feels when you manage to target an ambition. As for Sparrowhawk in Cornwall, I and a few other people have managed photos near the feeders at Stithians Res but as you know they do not turn up to order. If you look at one of my older posts Raptor Review you can see my efforts, and I am still looking for some better shots

  2. Great shots,one day i'm going to capture the Kingfisher up close.
    Love your header.

  3. How lucky are you and how jealous am I. Love the Kingfisher shots.