Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Last Postings From Cyprus

These are the last images from our trip to Cyprus in March.They are a mixed selection in terms of species and quality of image They include photos of a couple of Cockerel's from Chris and Flora's farm. They are our cousins in Liopetri with whom we stayed and like a lot of Liopetrian's are very hard working.They have a small farm as well as other daytime jobs.Liopetri and the surrounding villages are renowned for it's soil and this area is home to the Cyprus potato. Whilst they may not be coventional images to put on a site I like the fine colours and detail in both photos. All the chickens on the farm are free range and can cause quite a commotion when it is feeding time. I have also included a photo of a Hoopoe which I took at the Salt Lake in Larnaca.It is not a great quality shot but I am just pleased to have captured it in flight from a distance as it is such an illusive bird to photograph .
The bird of prey was taken high in the Troodos mountains and whilst I cannot be certain I thought it was either a Long Legged Buzzard or a Bonelli's Eagle. This was based on it's very pale head and red colouring. This bird was hovering only about fifty yards in front of me on a high, steep mountain road however I messed up the shot so only have this distant photo to show for it. Still there's always next time! The final images are of a large Lizard I spotted near Achna Dam which appeared quite happy to be photographed in the Cyprus sunshine.


  1. Looks like you had a fab time in Cyprus.I love Cyprus,great images Anthony.
    Well done.

  2. Hi Anthony Superb images from your holiday in Cyprus think the Hoopoe flight shot is a really good capture , and the Lizard is something else

  3. Beautiful images, ...and colors are wonderful.