Thursday, 6 January 2011

Return to Zion

I spent an enjoyable New Year extended weekend at home in Marazion and although the light was questionable at times there were numerous opportunities for Wildlife photography. Whilst I spent four cold mornings on Marazion Marsh I enjoyed the experience even if the resident Bitterns managed mostly to avoid the intrusion of my telephoto lense. I came off second best in this particuar battle. I did manage to capture some images of Bitterns, Waxwings, Purple Sandpipers and Eider amongst others and will show them in later postings. I include here some images of a very bold Wren that I captured on Marazion Marsh.


  1. Hello Anthony

    thanks for your visit on my blog and your nice comment.

    These pictures on your blog are also beautiful,
    so i'am gonna following your nice photo work.

    regards, Joop

  2. Nice Wren pertrait Anthony, more light there than there has been all year here! :-)

  3. Hello Anthony

    Are very nice pictures on your blog.

    Gr Cees

  4. Knockout shots Anthony,lots of times I've come close to Digiscoping close Wrens.
    Maybe this will be the year.
    Back to you,superb set.

  5. Thank you stopping by my blog. Your photography is fantastic. I'll be back to visit again.

  6. Well you certainly caught up with a right poser there. Good work Anthony.

  7. Great set of shots Anthony, very overlooked little bird, but when seen with that clarity what a stunner.