Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lynx, Wolves and Deer

Here are a few more images from my visit to Wildwood Park in Kent a couple of weeks ago. Amongst the images on show today are a photo of a female Red Deer, and a couple of shots of Fallow Deer. There are a few images of the two Lynx cats which are kept there. Interestingly enough the Lynx used to be a resident wild cat living in Britain and I have heard stories that some people would like it to be reintroduced in the wild again. Whilst there are rumours that some collectors have let some go in Britain having seen them feed last week I hope I don't meet one when I am on one of my Cornish Coastal walks. Finally there are a couple of images of a friendly Wolf another animal that used to live wild in Britain.


  1. An excellent place that Wildwood Park. They do a lot of good work there :-)

  2. You made great use of your Visit Anthony,love the Lynx.
    Superb images.

  3. ...for a photographer is it a fantastic place. Fabulous shots!

  4. fantastic! photo and blog! :) Have a nice day!