Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Avocets Demonstrate That Spring Is Here

Last weekend I went to deepest Essex to photograph some Avocets at an undisclosed site. I set off at 6.30 in the morning hoping to be there to capture the early morning light. Armed with a map and directions two wrong turns later I didnt get sight of an Avocet until 10.30. That was after a hike cross country of a mile and a half with two large lens, tripod and camera bag. Still I can't complain I managed to see[ for the first time] and capture images of these stunning birds who decided to mate less than fifteen metres in front of where I was standing. In total there were about twenty Avocets present and I am pleased to say they seem to be more widespread in Britain than previously. In fact I am already planning a return trip during the Easter weekend if only that glorious weather returns.


  1. Fabulous shots and the Header is just terrific!

  2. Anthony,these are without doubt the best Avocet images I've ever seen.
    Love every shot,my favourite is your first image,which also is your Header.
    Competition winners.

  3. Anthony, these are your best images so far, sharp clear wonderful action/behaviour shots.

  4. Nice photo's Anthony, worth the hike with all that gear I'd say, good luck with the easter session.

  5. Competition shots there Tony. Very nice indeed. Steve. (ps I can't wait to see those close fly-by Purple Heron shots)!.