Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Images will not upload

I have not published any recent images as I seem to have a problem being unable to upload images to my blog. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, any advice appreciated.


  1. No idea mate, why not trying blogger?

  2. Oh, I hate it when this happens! But I'm afraid I won't be much help. Hope you can resolve it soon, as I love your photography!

  3. Hi Anthony
    Thanks for the comment, I guess these birds are from the Bottallack family and are ranging over the area.
    As for your problem are you still using the old version of Google as I had probs with this, so I now run Google Chrome and all seems ok.
    Only thing I can think of.

  4. Hi Mate me again.
    Try upgrading to Google+ as this is what I did as well as using Chrome, and everything works fine now.
    Also in Google+ on the design page in the top right of the screen is a backup/restore option, this may help.