Sunday, 4 August 2013

Butterflies and Moths in the Chilterns

I recently went up to the Chilterns to take some images of Red kites but it turned out to be a grey drab morning so I ditched that plan and concentrated on capturing some images of Butterflies and moths which were in abundance. I'm not confident identifying these but believe that these images include a Marbled White, Six spot Burnet and one of the Fritillary butterflies. I am not sure about the caterpillar but I enjoyed trying to get up close to these small but beautiful subjects.


  1. Hi Anthony,
    The caterpillar is that of the Cinnabar moth, Ragwort is the food plant.

    looks like a Ringlet with the marbled White and the fritillary

  2. Job well done Anthony.
    Super set.

  3. Oh, my, nicely done! Love the backgrounds...really makes those photo subjects pop!

  4. A good set of images Tony, not too certain on which Frit but the others are as per Warren's comment.

  5. Beautiful photo's!
    The photo from your blog is very, very beautiful!

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