Saturday, 23 October 2010

Cyprus Hobby

One of my favourite places in Cyprus for wildlife photography is Acna Dam which is located close to Avorou village and next to the Turkish occupied area. In fact the road that runs beside the Dam is guarded on one side by armed Turkish soldiers and the other side United Nations and members of the Cypriot army. The Dam is situated in a sensitive area but I enjoy visiting there and it is a very good spot for wildlife. I was stopped by two members of the Cypriot army who said that there were signs stating that there should not be any photography and asked me to stop. I duly put the camera away and waited for them to drive off before continuing and my visits there on this holiday were quite productive. I managed to see and take images of birds that I had not seen before and it confirmed my views that Acna Dam would be a good spot to see and photograph migrating birds. In this post are some images I took of a visiting Hobby at Acna Dam which were a first for me. It was the first time that I used my newish Nikon 200-400mm vr lense, hand held. I found this lense to be very fast locking on to the subject and I am so far quite happy with the results.I was also able to use it hand held with a 1x4 teleconverter and in a later post will publish some images of an Osprey I took at Acna Dam.


  1. Great pics of the Hobby Anthony. Shame about the army interupting you!

    Cyprus is not on the list of countries that gets my admiration for its wildlife conservation efforts, and the bird crime there is appalling, Still - each to their own !

  2. Great place to bird,i was posted there in the 70's,and Sue lived and went school there.
    Pity about the divide,lets hope things improve soon when the Turks join the E.U.
    Sorry almost forgot to say Great images Anthony.

  3. Great images, Cyprus seems to be the place to bird.

  4. Good on you Anthony for being brave enough to voice your opinions :-)