Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Palid Harrier

I have been slightly delayed putting up new images on my blog due to a chest infection and feeling unwell. However I am getting better now so will be going through my images. This is I believe a female Palid Harrier I needed advice identifying it and hope I got right. It was taken at Cape Grekko in the early evening. I saw a few of these during my stay near Larnaca and Aya Napa an there were many reports of them on the island, but this bird gave me the best views for photography.


  1. What a beauty - and these are great in-flight shots!!

  2. Amazing flight shots Anthony,would love to produce shots like these.
    Just brilliant,get well soon.

  3. Good shots Tony, really like 3+4 with the catchlight in the eye, realy brings the subject alive

  4. Hi Anthony
    Great images brilliantly captured, hope you feel better soon.