Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ring-necked Parakeet

I heard a strange and new bird song in my neighbours garden last week and quickly viwed this Ring-necked Parakeet perched in a tree. I quickly grabbed the camera and took a couple of images before it flew off. These birds are now very widespread in the South East of England and seem to be spreading out all over the country. I have seen several in the area in recent years and the first time I saw them I couldn't quite believe it. Whilst they are a joy to see they are very noisy and they are reported to be quite aggressive on bird feeders. I do hope that these birds don't settle to close to home as this one made quite a racket and could disturb my early morning slumber.


  1. Oh Anthony, break your slumber----it is nice. Great photos.

  2. Lovely shots! The Robins here tend to get out in full song way before dawn. Disturbs my rest too!

  3. Ive had the occassional single bird on my patch Anthony, but none last year.

  4. These fellas produce a lot of noise! Beautiful birds though!

  5. No more lie ins if these decide to settle down .. lol.

  6. Wonderful pictures!
    I bred this parakeet in my aviaries and I have to say it has a great character!
    I wonder what the impact of wild colonies in Europe will have on the long term on the local bird and animal population...
    And it is not the only hooked beak that escaped from captivity...
    Interesting to follow...