Thursday, 24 February 2011

Last Waxwing Images

Eventually that blue thing and yellow thing appeared for the first time [thanks for use of that description Bob] for ages so I thought I would use my lunch hour to try and get some more images of Waxwings. I found some feeding in a tree but just as I was reaching for the camera they were quickly attacked by a Sparrowhawk who narrowly missed its prey. I also narrowly misssed capturing an image of the Sparrowhawk who stayed briefly in the tree before flying off. The waxwings did not return however so that put paid to that. Instead here are the final images of Waxwings that I took earlier in the week no more than ten feet away from my car window but on a grey rainy Enfield day.


  1. Amazing pictures with lovely sharpnes
    and good colors.

    greetings from Holland, Joop

  2. Can never get tired of seeing Waxwings,they look so refreshing,these have cheered me up.
    Love your new Header.

  3. Hi Anthony Just catching up with your Blog, and those are great Waxwing images in all the posts.
    Also many thanks for your kind comments which were appreciated.

  4. Nice shot. They're so fun to capture with a camera.