Sunday, 2 August 2015


The highlight of my trip to the Farne Islands was seeing and photographing Puffins. Due to the poor weather the day I was scheduled to go  I went the following day and my trip on the Island was only about an hour and and half instead of four hours. It can be slightly overwhelming to be confronted with so many close up photography opportunities and the temptation is to just rattle off shot after shot without thinking about light sun shadow and composition. Fortunately having rattled of loads of shots in the  first half an hour I then composed myself and managed to get some some fairly decent flying Puffin images towards the end of he trip, I will post some of those in my next post. These are some of he images I took of stationary Puffins.


  1. These are exquisite Anthony,love the last two images.

  2. Beautiful pictures of the puffins. The last picture is my favorite.